Kanye West: ‘Planned Parenthoods Have Been Placed Inside Cities by White Supremacists to Do the Devil’s Work’

Kanye West appears with models during the showing of his Yeezy Boost shoe line for Adidas
AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

Billionaire rap and fashion mogul Kanye West didn’t mince words in a wide-ranging interview with Forbes, declaring himself pro-life and insisting that Planned Parenthood abortion facilities exist in cities on behalf of “white supremacists to do the devil’s work.”

“Planned Parenthoods have been placed inside cities by white supremacists to do the Devil’s work,” Kanye West said. Putting aside who placed them there, 2010 Census Bureau data shows that a majority of Planned Parenthood’s surgical abortion facilities were located within walking distance, or two miles, of neighborhoods with high black populations. A Life Issues Institute analysis found “that 102 out of 165, or 62% of the Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are located in areas with relatively high African American populations, or in ‘targeted neighborhoods.'”

The Life Issues Institute analysis continued: “The Census 2010 data shows that 55 out of 165, or 33% are within walking distance of a census tract that is at least 50% Hispanic. The census tract data provide an accurate portrayal of the populations around Planned Parenthood abortion facilities.”

The Centers for Disease Control data showed that in 2010 “non-Hispanic white women and non-Hispanic black women accounted for the largest percentages of abortions (36.9% and 36%, respectively).” That year, non-Hispanic black women of childbearing age represented roughly three percent of the population.

Elsewhere in the lengthy interview, Kanye West said “I am pro-life because I’m following the word of the bible.” The “Jesus Is King” rapper broke the Internet over the weekend when he tweeted that he is “running for president of the United States.”

“We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States!” the Grammy-winner said on Independence Day.

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