‘50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know About Trump’: HarperCollins Reveals Breitbart Editor Jerome Hudson’s Book Cover


Publishing powerhouse HarperCollins has released the cover of Breitbart News Entertainment Editor Jerome Hudson’s latest book, 50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know About Trump, which promises to deliver counterintuitive facts about the president’s first term that the establishment media have worked so hard to hide.

The ultimate collection of facts about what President Donald Trump accomplished in his first term — facts your professors; your politicians in Washington, DC; TV pundits; and Hollywood celebrities don’t want you to know. They include:

  • President Trump allocated more funding to historically black colleges and universities than any other president.
  • The poverty rate for black and Hispanic Americans dropped to an all-time low in 2018.
  • The famous “Muslim Ban” excluded 87 percent of the world’s Muslims.
  • Blue-collar workers enjoyed three times the wage growth of the top one percent of households.
  • Median household income reached $65,666 in 2019, the highest level on record.
  • From his first month in office, President Trump presided over the largest manufacturing boom in a first term since the 1970s.
  • Trump has been tougher on Putin than Obama was.
  • The Trump DOJ has opened more than 1,000 cases against the world’s top intellectual property thieves as America loses trillions in Chinese theft.
  • Trump prioritized breaking the Chinese monopoly on rare-earth elements, and the U.S. is digging for them for the first time since the Manhattan Project.
  • Border crossings plummeted by 78 percent from March 2019 to March 2020.
  • Democrats began calling for trump’s impeachment months before he was the Republican nominee.
  • Violent crime has fallen every year since Trump took office after rising the last two years under Obama.
  • Trump’s federal agencies are investigating the big tech giants’ monopolistic practices.

“Jerome has a powerful voice that gets under the left’s skin as he utilizes tools that irritate them … like research, truth, and insight,” said Breitbart News President and CEO Larry Solov.

“This is Jerome’s second book, and he’s already a must-read author. He writes informatively, efficiently, and with total contempt for the establishment media. Perfect!” said Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alexander Marlow. 50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know About Trump is like a cheat sheet with the best arguments to use against the few Trump-skeptics left in America who are willing to actually debate the issues. Plus it’s fun to read.”

Americans have not been told the whole story about the Trump presidency. What we have seen is an endless stream of so-called scandals and establishment media narratives that Americans do not care about. What you are not told is how President Trump created the number one economy in the world, drove down illegal immigration, confronted Silicon Valley’s tech takeover, and took on our advisories from China to Russia to Iran.

“After finishing 50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know About Trump, you’ll be stunned at the many Trump accomplishments which just aren’t reported by the powers that be,” HarperCollins said.

In 2013, Jerome began writing for Breitbart News. He now leads a team of reporters who specialize in exposing the vast disconnect between Hollywood and everyday Americans. The New York Times featured his work covering the Hollywood elite days after President Donald Trump’s election.

Prior to coming to Breitbart News, Jerome worked as a senior research fellow at the Government Accountability Institute, heavily involved in uncovering government corruption alongside the New York Times bestselling author and Breitbart News Senior Contributor Peter Schweizer. He is also a member of the Project 21 Black Leadership Network, serving on the organization’s National Advisory Council. Jerome’s first book, 50 Things They Don’t Want You to Knowis a Publishers Weekly and USA Today bestseller:


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