‘Parks and Recreation’ Cast Push Vote-by-Mail in Fundraiser for Wisconsin Democrats

Adam Scott and Amy Poehler in Parks and Recreation (2009) Titles: Parks and Recreation, G
NBC/Ben Cohen

The cast of NBC’s hit sitcom Parks and Recreation reunited on Thursday for a virtual town hall fundraiser to expand the coffers of Wisconsin’s Democrat Party be nearly half a million dollars.

Parks and Recreation cast members Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza, Retta, Adam Scott, and Jim O’Heir, as well as the show’s creator Michael Schur hosted a town hall on Thursday. A donation was also required to view the virtual fundraiser. Wisconsin governor Tony Evers (D) also joined the virtual town hall, where he asked Offerman whether he prefers his own mustache or Evers’ mustache from the 1970’s, as he held up an old photo of himself.

“I think I’d have to go with the ’70s ‘stache,” said Offerman, who plays Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation, which was set in Wisconsin. The group also promoted voting by mail during the event. Mailing ballots to every citizen in the state (which California is doing) has left many warning against the practice, saying that it will lead to widespread voter fraud, as well as the election results potentially being delayed.

Specifically, the event featured a Q&A session instructing viewers on how to apply for and mail-in absentee ballots. “Thursday’s event had raised more than $430,000 as it wrapped up, according to Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler,” WCSJ News reports.

Watch below: 

On Tuesday, True to the Vote president Catherine Engelbrecht told Breitbart News that Democrats are using “the pandemic and the fog of COVID to their advantage to sow confusion, to force this universal mail-in catastrophe we see happening state to state, and I think that they have, as they so often do, they’ve overplayed.”

The Parks and Recreation cast were not the only ones to have recently hosted a fundraiser for the Democrats.

Cast members of The Princess Bride have also reunited for a fundraiser on Sunday for the benefit of the Democrats in Wisconsin.

“If America is going to have a real chance at healing we must get rid of Trump. And that is only possible if we win Wisconsin. I am thrilled to be part of this very rare reunion of my colleagues from The Princess Bride as a way to increase awareness and garner resources for the state that will determine the fate of America,” said actor Cary Elwes.

The West Wing cast has also gotten back together, teaming up with Michelle Obama, to raise money for When We All Vote, the former first lady’s organization that is moving aggressively to register young voters and push vote by mail.

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