Ice Cube Calls Out Critics: ‘Zero Energy’ Being Spent Telling Biden He Needs to Do ‘Way More’ for Black People

CHARLOTTE, NC - JULY 02: Ice Cube watches the action during week two of the BIG3 three on three basketball league at Spectrum Center on July 2, 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
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Rapper-actor Ice Cube appeared on CNN and defended his decision to work with President Donald Trump’s campaign on an economic plan for black Americans, and demanded his critics spend more time telling the Biden campaign to do more for black Americans.

In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, the rapper (real name O’Shea Jackson) discussed his “Contract With Black America,” a plan he released earlier this year aimed at addressing racial equality. The plan includes reforms to both the police and prison system as well as providing interest-free loans for aspiring home owners. According to Ice Cube, both the Trump and Biden campaigns contacted him to discuss his plan and that he has never met Trump in person.

“I didn’t run to go work with any campaign. Both campaigns contacted me,” he explained. “Both campaigns wanted to talk to me about the Contract with Black America. One campaign said, ‘We love what you have, but let’s really dig into after the election.’ And one campaign said ‘We love what you have, do you mind talking to us about it?’ And that’s what I did, so I didn’t run to nobody.”

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“I’m not playing no more of these political games, we’re not part of a team … so I’m going to whoever’s in power and I’m going to speak to them about our problems, specifically,” he continued. “I’m not going in there talking about minorities, I’m not going in there talking about people of color or diversity or none of that stuff. I’m going there for Black Americans, the ones who are descendants of slaves.”

Ice Cube’s comments follow criticism from leftists and Black Lives Matter supporters after Trump campaign advisor Katrina Pierson confirmed that Ice Cube had worked with the Trump campaign in its development of the “Platinum Plan,” which is also aimed at improving the lives of black Americans.

“Trump officials reached out to Ice Cube after he posted his Contract With Black America and incorporated some of his ideas and thoughts into the Platinum Plan,” Pierson told Breitbart News.

Explaining that he is “not on team blue” and “not on team red,” Ice Cube said of the upcoming election that he will work with whoever wins the presidency. “Whoever wins – you will hear from me,” he warned. “If anyone has a problem with that, it seems like a personal problem.”

On Saturday morning, the rapper also responded to his critics by urging people to spend more time holding the Biden campaign to account over their plans for black America.

“A lot of energy being spent on telling me to stay in my lane,” he wrote. “Zero energy spent on telling Biden/Harris they need to do way more for Black people to sure up the vote.”

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