Ice-T Says ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Will Tackle ‘Karens,’ Racial Profiling


Actor Ice-T announced that the NBC, Law & Order: SVU, will tackle “implicit bias”  in policing and the problem of “Karens” in the premiere of the 22nd season.

The actor, who for twenty years has portrayed New York Police detective Odafin Tutuola on the Dick Wolf-produced NBC police procedural series, claims that the show’s 22nd season will be a mirror of what America is going through. Ice-T told TMZ that the coming season would tackle Police-involved shootings, systemic racism, the coronavirus pandemic, and other “ripped from the headlines” topics.

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The coronavirus will be evident in the very first episode, Ice-T said. “We come back right in the midst of the pandemic. So, you’re going to see us in masks, you’re gonna see us social distancing,” he said.

He also notes that since his character shot a black man in the 21st season finale, his character will struggle to continue being a police officer after the shooting.

The show will also tackle the “Karen” issue, where a white woman reports a black person to the police, perhaps with little provocation.

“We have this ‘Karen’ situation where we pick up this black guy, but did we profile him? Was implicit bias involved? Why didn’t we question the white lady?” Ice-T said of the plot.

“So, I really commend Law & Order for hitting these topics head-on,” he said, “I’m very proud of being on a show that tries to stay current and tries to stay conscious.”

Ice-T concluded by saying that he has hope for the future because “it will be cool again to get in the mix of what’s going on,” and Generation Z will be hard-charging activists who will make systemic change.

In June, the far-left Washington Post pushed for TV shows to respond to the death of George Floyd by banning procedurals like Law & Order.

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