Ted Cruz Hammers Alyssa Milano On Coronavirus Aid: ‘Every Senate Dem Voted to Block Relief’

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R, TX) called out leftist actress Alyssa Milano for her attack on Republican lawmakers blocking a recent coronavirus relief bill after she ignored months of Democrats blocking similar financial relief bills.

Alyssa Milano took to Twitter on Sunday to slap congressional Republicans for blocking a minimum wage hike and a coronavirus relief bill for working-class families. Milano posted her tweet as a reply to an earlier tweet by Sen. Cruz, in which he noted the statistics proving that the Democrats are now the party of the super-rich, coastal elites while the GOP has become the party of working class Americans.

The Charmed star questioned Cruz’ contention that the GOP is now the party of the working classes by noting that the GOP had blocked the coronavirus bill. “This is hilarious. Why is the GOP blocking covid relief from working class families if it’s the party of working class? Or blocking the bill to raise minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour. Sit down,” Milnao tweeted on Sunday.

It is not exactly clear what bills Milano was speaking about but it is possible she was referring to the latest $15 Minimum Wage increase that died in the Senate. And she could be referring to Senate leader Mitch McConnell’s decision back in October to ignore Democrat Chuck Schumer’s attempt to force the upper chamber to discuss a second $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief bill.

Schumer wanted to debate his relief bill when Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett was being confirmed. It would have restored the $600-per-week federal unemployment boost and would have sent another $1,200 stimulus check to Americans.

But Senator Cruz quickly pushed back. The Texas Senator noted that Milano conveniently ignored the many months that Nancy Pelosi in the House and Chuck Schumer in the Senate blocked the GOP’s $500 billion coronavirus aid bill.

“Alyssa, facts matter,” Cruz tweeted back to Milano. “Dems have TWICE filibustered $500Bn in emergency COVID relief. EVERY SINGLE Senate Dem voted to block relief—Pelosi refuses even to talk—bc they believe maximizing economic pain helped Biden & it helps Dems in GA. & they trust the press to cover for them.”

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