Sacha Baron Cohen: Twitter, Facebook Banning Trump Is the ‘Most Important Moment in the History of Social Media’

Sacha Baron Cohen
Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen — who is Hollywood’s most outspoken pro-censorship activist — has declared that Twitter and Facebook’s recent decisions to ban President Donald Trump for their platforms are “the most important moment in the history of social media.”

The British actor also claimed that “the whole world” is thanking the employees of the two Silicon Valley giants who “fought for this.”

On Friday, Twitter announced that it had permanently banned the president from its platform, claiming that two of his tweets from earlier in the day violated its “Glorification of Violence” rules. In actuality, neither of the tweets promoted violence or even referenced violence in any way. But Twitter claimed his rhetoric could possibly lead to violence.

Facebook banned the president from its platforms, including Instagram, for an indefinite period earlier in the week.

Sacha Baron Cohen expressed his jubilation in a tweet late Friday. “This is the most important moment in the history of social media,” he wrote. “The world’s largest platforms have banned the world’s biggest purveyor of lies, conspiracies and hate.”

“To every Facebook and Twitter employe, user and advocate who fought for this — the entire world thanks you!”

Just two months ago, Cohen called for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to be removed from the company, claiming the tech billionaire was instrumental in giving a voice to conservatives and President Trump, whom he has equated to Nazis.

Cohen stepped up his pro-censorship activism around the time his Borat sequel was released by the anti-Trump Amazon in October, just a week before the elections. The star published an op-ed in Time in which he portrayed conservative Americans as racist, violent gun worshippers. He also bemoaned the popularity of conservative news sources, saying that Facebook has enabled conservative viewpoints to find an audience.

The British star has demanded that Facebook throw more people off its platform, saying in 2019 that businesses have a “moral duty” to eject customers whose views they find abhorrent.

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