Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Nobby’ To Israeli Comic: Boycotting Jews Is Fantastic

TEL AVIV – Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest alter-ego, Nobby, told Israeli comedian Guri Alfi that boycotting is “fantastic” as long as it’s against Jews. Alfi was interviewing “Nobby” at the London premiere of his new movie Grimsby. When asked if he knew any Hebrew, Nobby answered him in fluent Hebrew, “How much does three grams of cocaine cost?”

Sacha Baron Cohen's latest alter-ego, Nobby

Sacha Baron Cohen Donates $1 Million to Aid Syrian Refugees

JERUSALEM – Actors Sacha Baron Cohen and his actress wife, Isla Fisher, are donating $1 million to two organizations helping Syrian children and refugees. Half the sum will go to the UK-based Save The Children to help vaccinate against measles