Actor Tim Matheson: Wonderful to Have a First Lady Who Can Speak English

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Universal Pictures

Tim Matheson, The West Wing actor, whose TV career dates back to 1960s episodes of Leave It to Beaver, says he was telling a “stupid joke” on Friday when he responded to a Twitter video of Jill Biden visiting National Guard troops. Matheson commented on the video of Biden and said it’s “so wonderful to have a First Lady with class and heart. And, can speak English!”

“I apologize for a stupid joke, which was tasteless and without humor,” Matheson said after deleting the tweet that many had already called racist.

You might recall Tim Matheson, as Breitbart News reported last May, he smeared tens of millions of Americans when he said “The GOP is a terrorist organization that supports an openly racist, sexist, and mentally impaired Orange Balloon.”

Mere moments after he apologized for his not-so-subtle attack on Melania Trump, Matheson was, again, calling the GOP “a Terrorist Organization.”

The Fletch actor took another shot at Mrs. Trump, saying “Comedy is sometimes cruelly honest. The ex-First Lady doesn’t have any of my respect for anything. Sorry.”

President Joe Biden has called for unity and healing in America but Matheson’s rhetoric here is divisive and venomous, much like so many Hollywood elites. Earlier on Friday, Tim Matheson tweeted “The GOP supports violent White Supremacists. They are a worse threat than foreign extremism.”

And it’s not just Matheson who’s attacking Mrs. Trump. Leftist actor Jim Carrey called Melania Trump the “worst first lady” and released a political painting portraying Mrs. Trump as grotesque.

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