Hollywood Celebrities Join GLAAD to Slam Feminists Who Disagree with Transgender Agenda as Bigots

Christophe Archambault; Mike Coppola/Getty Images

A slew of Hollywood celebrities including Julianne Moore, Brie Larson, Laverne Cox, and Amy Schumer have joined GLAAD in condemning feminists who disagree with the transgender agenda, calling them bigots and their views “damaging and violent.”

In an open letter published Wednesday to mark the Transgender Day of Visibility as well as Women’s History Month,  GLAAD attacked feminists who have supported measures including the separation of transgender girls from biological girls in womens sports.

“These bigoted efforts are also aided by a contingent of self-identified feminists, who have been promoting damaging and violent ideas about trans people for years in the United States and internationally,” the letter states.

“Their vitriol is, in fact, not feminist at all. True feminists do not wish to limit any woman’s identity or freedom to fully be herself. Allowing transphobic rhetoric to go unchecked also strengthens the legislative efforts of anti-trans politicians—who now cloak their bigotry in language about protecting or supporting women.”

Many second-wave feminists have expressed strong disagreement with the radical transgender agenda, which promotes the belief that there is no difference between transgender women and biological women. Such feminists have been labeled with the pejorative “TERF” — trans-exclusionary radical feminist.

Women who have been slapped with the “TERF” label include renowned feminist Germaine Greer and Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.

In its letter, GLAAD expressed its desire to unify the feminist and transgender movements, arguing that transgender women fall under the category of “womanhood.”

“We acknowledge with clarity and strength that transgender women are women and that transgender girls are girls,” the letter states.  “We have more language and understanding than ever before to describe how our unique experiences are threaded in the larger tapestry of womanhood.”

Other celebrities who signed the letter include Alyssa Milano, Amber Tamblyn, Ashley Judd, Cara Delevingne, and Eva Longoria.

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