HBO’s Woke-Pandering ‘Lovecraft Country’ Canceled After 1 Season: Smeared Police, America as Racist


HBO’s Lovecraft Country won’t return for a second season, making it the latest woke, social-justice-themed TV series to get the axe.

The genre-bending Lovecraft Country was a darling of corporate media for the way it portrayed the United States as a racist country swarming with white supremacists. It also vilified law enforcement by depicting police officers as members of a bizarre, murderous cult.

The show, based on the novel of the same name, combined horror and science fiction to explore the Jim Crow era while sometimes anachronistically alluding to current events, like the death of Eric Garner.

HBO did not say why it canceled the series.

“We will not be moving forward with a second season of Lovecraft Country,” the premium cable channel said in a statement to Deadline. “We are grateful for the dedication and artistry of the gifted cast and crew, and to Misha Green, who crafted this groundbreaking series. And to the fans, thank you for joining us on this journey.”

Following the cancellation, show creator Misha Green tweeted her idea for the second season, which would have been called “Supremacy.” The second season would have depicted the U.S. divided into four separate territories, including one called the “New Negro Republic” and another called “Whitelands.”

Green explained in another tweet that the “Whitelands” would have been populated by zombies.

Lovecraft Country demonized police officers in its fourth episode by portraying cops as members of a bloodthirsty cult known as the Sons of Adam, according to multiple reports. Other episodes depicted cops engaging in casual acts of sadism and brutality.

The show anachronistically alluded to the Eric Garner case by showing white cops choking a black female character who says, “I can’t breathe,” according to a report from Newsbusters. Lovecraft actress Jurnee Smollett tweeted out the words when the episode first aired in October.

Smollett, sister to disgraced hate hoaxer Jussie Smollett, proudly declared the series’ theme centered on racism. “Our heroes essentially are going on a quest to bring down white supremacy,” she said during a Television Critics Association panel. “We are still on that quest today in 2020 as Black Americans. Racism is such a demonic spirit — it’s something that we are still fighting off.”

Lovecraft Country was co-executive produced by J.J. Abrams and Jordan Peele. Last year, Abram’s studio Bad Robot issued an internal employee guide to “dismantling white supremacy at work” in which it encouraged employees to create an “anti-racist” work environment.

The guide told managers that they need to acknowledge “systemic racism” and “state-sanctioned violence against Black people.” It also told managers to give black employees “time off, no questions asked.”

Unsurprisingly, the show faced accusations of woke transgressions, despite its far-left ideological bent. Actress Kelli Amirah said makeup artists darkened her skin, prompting a swift apology from HBO.

Lovecraft Country is the latest woke TV series to be canceled. Other shows getting the axe include CBS’ legal drama All Rise, NBC’s Good Girls, and the Netflix sitcom #blackAF.

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