Woke Fail: CW Network Admits It’s ‘Not Profitable,’ Now the Lowest-Rated Broadcast Network

CW Network

The CW Network has been known for woke scripted programing but with its recent sale, executives are admitting that its lowest-rated status is because its average viewers just aren’t interested in its shows.

CW has been known for many young adult-oriented series such as Riverdale, Charmed, and All American, as well as shows based on DC comic book characters including Arrow, Supergirl, and The Flash.

Nearly every series that CW has produced over the last decade has been chock full of “representation” of the radical LGBTQ and transgender agenda, attacks on Republicans and Donald Trump, and general support for the far-left political agenda.

Supergirl, for instance, added a transgender character as a principal in 2018, and featured anti-conservative and anti-Trump content. But Supergirl was far from the only series to push woke topics. Its teen witch series, Charmed, heavily pushed lesbianism and constantly featured anti-male sentiment, and each of its superhero shows had gay characters, often as leads.

Whatever the focus of the network’s shows, one thing is certain: it is a major money loser that constantly dwells at the bottom of the ratings. “It’s no secret that the CW is not profitable,” said CFO Lee Ann Gliha. The network has operated at a loss since its debut in 2006, and has remained one of the least watched on TV.

Now, it appears that the network’s new owners have finally admitted that the teen-centric, woke programing simply doesn’t appeal to its core audience age demographic that is chiefly made up of people in the mid to late 50s.

According to Deadline, new managing owners Nexstar Media Group are set to make major changes. Nexstar President and COO Tom Carter noted that the scripted series will continue but that the demographic focus will change.

Per Deadline: “The demographic focus of the CW will also change over time, Carter said. Historically, shows like Riverdale, All American, Arrow and Supernatural have focused on viewers in their teens through their 30s. The reality, though, is that the average CW viewer is 58 years old, and Carter said that schism explains why the CW is the lowest-rated broadcast network.”

The admission that the CW is airing youth-aimed programs that no one is watching became an instant target of ridicule on social media.

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