Nolte: Former Comedian Jon Stewart Spreads Conspiracy Theory About Trump ‘Military Coup’

Comedian and activist Jon Stewart speaks with demonstrators outside the US Capitol in Washington, DC, on August 1, 2022. - Veterans and supporters have been gathering outside the US Capitol calling on Senators to pass new burn pit legislation, which would provide health care and benefits to 3.5 million veterans …

Former comedian Jon Stewart, who earns somewhere around a million dollars for every viewer who tunes into his Apple TV show, is running around spreading conspiracy theories about Donald Trump’s attempted military coup.

Stewart appeared to be gushing over the discredited and disgraced far-left January 6 Committee. Then he expressed how pleased he was at how much effort it took for someone like former President Trump “to undermine a healthy democracy.”

The lawyers that have to come in and check things over. You know, absent a military coup, which they were also I think laying the groundwork for, it’s amazing to me how many fucking meetings, you know, ah, autocrats need to take over.

Man alive, this guy is dumb.

First off, if the goal was a military coup, why would Trump hold all these meetings and hire lawyers?

Secondly, why would anyone, including Trump, believe the Woke Military — the same military that breeds liars, traitors, peacocks, and crybabies like that sorry little Vindman character — was willing to participate in a coup to keep a man in office after they plotted and conspired for four years to overturn his election?

This Deep State Coup, in the form of the Russia Collusion Hoax and the Ukraine Phone Call/Impeachment Hoax, was all coming from within the house. The idea that Trump could count on infantile and corrupt institutions like the U.S. military for help is laughable and anti-science.

But when you are a precious, like former comedian Jon Stewart, you can screech out all the crazy you want without fear of being fact-checked, demonetized, or deplatformed.

Socialists sure got it good.

Naturally, his guest, Deep Stater Anne Applebaum, let that nonsense pass without a word. Instead, she basically accepted the premise with this response…

You need a lot of meetings, you need a lot of smoke-filled rooms, you need a lot of dinners. You need a lot of conversations around kitchen tables. No, no, there’s a planning and thinking about how you undermine the institutions, figuring out which ones are weak.

Oh, okay… Good job not having the courage to say, “Well, Jon, there’s no evidence Trump was plotting a military coup, but there is evidence you might be earning two dollars for every viewer you attract to Apple TV.”

Speak truth to power? Anne Applebaum can’t even speak truth to former comedians sucking off Apple’s teat of left-wing affirmative action.

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