Nolte: Tucker Carlson-less Fox News Primetime Loses to MSNBC Monday

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The far-left MSNBC attracted more total primetime viewers than the Tucker Carlson-less Fox News on Monday.

CNN—a left-wing propaganda outlet that spreads conspiracy theories and encourages political violence against Republicans—was so far in last place Monday it looked like the speck of dirt it really is.

On Monday, without any special programming, MSNBC averaged a total of 1.859 million total primetime viewers.

On that same Monday, without Tucker Carlson, Fox News fell behind MSNBC, with an average of only 1.719 million total primetime viewers.

*pause for a hearty laugh*

Oh, and on Monday, CNNLOL averaged just 485,000 total primetime viewers.

Yes, CNN’s post-Trump-Townhall-Triumph ratings are going to be fun to watch. After all its lies, smug anchors, conspiracy theories, and bigotry, CNN alienated normal people years ago. So its ratings were already a joke. But after Trump steamrolled Kaitlan “Nurse Ratched” Collins in last week’s town hall, CNN angered what was left of its political base. Dumb, dumb, dumb…

Result: on Friday, CNNLOL attracted fewer total primetime viewers than Newsmax TV—335,000 for CNN compared to 357,000 for Newsmax. With 420,000 viewers, Newsmax was right behind CNN Monday.

And now, the chickens might be coming home to roost over at Cuck News for its gobsmackingly dumb decision to fire* Tucker Carlson.

For context, on Monday, April 17, the Monday before Carlson’s firing**, Fox News beat MSNBC in total primetime viewers, 2.545 million to 1.725 million. That 2.545 million number is over 700,000 viewers higher than this Monday’s 1.719 million. As I said before…

It looks like firing*** Tucker Carlson was about as wise as killing John Wick’s dog.

On that same Monday, April 17, CNNLOL attracted 526,000 viewers, which does not sound like a lot, but it is about ten percent better than the 485,000 this Monday.

Hey, maybe what we have here is a glorious two-fer…

Bear with me…

Fox News goes full-cuck and alienates its audience by firing**** Carlson. This drives herds of justifiably angry Fox viewers to Newsmax and One America News.

CNNLOL gets bested by Trump, which infuriates the freaks CNN calls viewers. This drives a percentage of CNN’s residual viewers to MSNBC.

Result: MSNBC bests Fox.

Result: Newsmax bests CNN.

Result: John throws his head back and laughs and laughs and laughs until the dogs beg to go out.

*Yes, I know Fox News did not fire-fire Carlson. He is still under contract. So tell me, what did the pedantic do before the internet?

**Get a life.

***Your mom says hello.

****Your mom can not talk right now. She is making my eggs.

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