Nathan Wade Grilled over Fani Willis Relationship in ‘Daily Show’ Interview: ‘How Can You Not Hit That?!’

Comedy Central, Paramount Media Networks
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Nathan Wade, the former Trump prosecutor in Georgia who resigned from the case after his past affair with Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis surfaced, gave a bizarre interview on the Daily Show where he discussed the relationship.

Speaking with actor Marlon Wayans’ persona Quon, a Borat-style character, Wade laughed as the comic repeatedly made allusions to his sexual relationship with Willis.

“D.A. Willis is a respectable mother, a brilliant legal mind. We spent countless hours preparing this case, investigating this case,” said Wade.

“I see how it happened, countless hours, and I need a foot rub, you know what I mean, and she rub your foot,” replied Wayans’ Quon. “And I’m like, ‘Hey let me give you a massage,’ and all of a sudden, boom boom, we up on this desk. Man.”

“No. Not even close. Not even close,” Wade shot back.

When Wayans’ Quon asked, “She liked-ed you, or you liked-ed her?” the conversation shifted into the bizarre.

“That’s a great question, right? So, during the course of the investigation, we would meet early mornings, weekends, spent full days–”

“How can you not hit that?! How can you not?!” Wayans’ Quon interjected, prompting Wade’s laughter. “We spending that much time together, we doing everything, we might as well.”

When Wade said that Willis was “more analogous to a client” rather than a boss, Wayans’ Quon asked, “So you served her well?”

“I did. I did my job,” Wade responded.

The audience laughed.

Wayans’ Quon then mocked Willis as he attempted to explain how he and Willis interviewed people for the “position” of prosecutor.

Making sexual poses, Wayans’ Quon said, “What position was it? Did that position look like this? Or this?”

“Young Black men need a role model,” said Wayans’ Quon. “What’s your advice to kids in the hood that’s out there that wanna grow up and have their dick potentially in democracy?”

Wade erupted into laughter and told the camera, “Cut!”

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