Radical Environmentalists Slammed for Urging People to Deflate Tires to Fight ‘Climate Change’

A man crouches on the road to inspect a flat tire.
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A radical environmental group encouraged followers to deflate SUV tires as a way to fight so-called “climate change,” but received backlash on social media.

Adbusters shared instructions on how to deflate tires on social media last week, the New York Post reported Monday.

“Wedge gravel in the tire valves, leaflet the SUV to let them know the tires are flat and why it was done, and walk away. It’s that simple,” the post said, adding if they organized, “we can hit enough SUVs in particular neighborhoods to spark reporting and spread the metameme.”

The group continued in a subsequent post, “Start by targeting wealthy areas—our goal isn’t to disrupt workers—and avoid targeting vehicles with disabled stickers or hangers.”

Adbusters also claimed “climate change” was the “biggest crisis we’ve faced as a species,” adding it was time to “carefully escalate” its methods.

However, social media users criticized the group’s plan, one person writing, “So you want a bunch of people to needlessly drive to an area to vandalize vehicles to reduce emissions. Winning strategy.”

“Know what I’m going to do if you do this to me? Be very annoyed, have less sympathy for your movement, and buy new tires which will waste more oil,” yet another said.

“Tampering with someone’s private vehicle is dangerous and can result in a serious accident,” yet another person replied.

Earlier this month, a group of eco-extremists claimed credit for deflating tires on thousands of SUVs in Britain as a way to supposedly “help save the environment,” Breitbart News reported:

A climate change activist group who refer to themselves as the Tyre Extinguishers claim that, over the past month, they have taken the air out of 2,000 Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs).

With Spring weather approaching in Britain, eco-activism has begun emerging from its annual state of hibernation. Aside from the tyre-deflating antics of the ‘Extinguishers’, another group, dubbed Just Stop Oil has begun imposing road blockades around key oil depots and terminals across the country in order to disrupt shipments of much-needed energy.

Meanwhile, the Adbusters group said it was comprised of activists, writers, artists, designers, hackers, tricksters, poets, philosophers, and punks.


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