British Deputy Speaker Sex Assault Trial: A Timeline of Allegations

British Deputy Speaker Sex Assault Trial: A Timeline of Allegations

The former deputy speaker of Britain’s House of Commons, Nigel Evans MP, stands accused a string of sexual assaults over a ten year period. The former Conservative Member of Parliament strenuously denies the allegations, but the prosecution has laid out a timeline of events.

Evans is now an ‘independent’, having customarily resigned the Tory whip in order to take the position of Deputy Speaker.

The trial began yesterday at Preston Crown Court and is expected to continue for four weeks. Below is the timeline that Evans stands accused of, as well as other information of note:

2002/2003: Evans is accused of allegedly groping an openly gay 27-year-old in a Soho Bar. The alleged victim only went to the police last year.

2003: At Conservative Party Conference in October, Evans is accused of allegedly putting his hand down a man’s trousers whilst “plastered” in the Number 10 Bar of the Imperial Hotel. The matter was reported to a Conservative Party Board member and Mark Hoban MP, who was an opposition whip at the time.

2009: Patrick McLoughlin, then opposition Chief Whip, spoke to Evans about an allegation he grabbed the penis of a parliamentary aide whilst he slept. The timing of this was said to be “unfortunate” as it was just before the election. The aide demanded Evans resignation but instead the MP agreed to avoid situations that could be misconstrued and was advised to come out as gay.

2009/2010: Evans is accused of allegedly confronting a bi-sexual 21-year-old man outside the Stranger’s Bar inside the House of Commons. He beckoned the student behind a curtain and tried to kiss him. No complaint was made at the time.

2010: A man claims to have had his genitals “cupped” by Evans whilst drinking with a group of MPs in the Stranger’s Bar. The alleged victim did not complain at the time.

2010: Conor Burns MP is said to have spoken to Evans around the time of his election as Deputy Speaker. The court heard “It was suggested that he socialise with MPs not young people or researchers.”

2011: During a late night drinking session in the Deputy Speaker’s office, Evans is accused of allegedly luring a young man “by a ruse” into the kitchenette. He said to have then grabbed the man’s hand and forced it onto his erect penis.

2013: A student staying at Nigel Evans house in March allegedly sent the following texts to a friend: “Help me!”, “Nigel has tried to stick his tongue down my throat”, and “100 percent penis grabbing”. Later that night he claims to have been raped by the MP.

The alleged rape led to widespread research by Lancashire Police who employed dozens of detectives to cold call people associated with Evans. After this, the earlier allegations came to light.

The case is expected to last four weeks.