Dutch Police 'Colluding with Opponents of Right-Wing Politician'

Dutch Police 'Colluding with Opponents of Right-Wing Politician'

Police in The Netherlands are helping opponents of right-wing politician Geert Wilders by handing out a standard form, known as the ‘Wildersformulier,’ to anyone wanting to make a criminal complaint against him.

Moroccans and other immigrants, as well as left-wing opponents, who want the public prosecutor to bring Wilders to court for ‘discrimination’ are given the form already partly filled in by police.

According to Dutch television, officers in the northern Netherlands will even call at the homes of those wanting to make a complaint to help them complete the form. So many ‘Wildersformulier’ have now been submitted that the Public Prosecutor says he cannot keep count.

The aim is clearly to bog Wilders down in costly court cases, perhaps for years, according to the Gatestone Institute, a think-tank of which John Bolton, former US ambassador to the United Nations, is chairman.

This move comes after months of Wilders and his anti-immigration, anti-EU Freedom Party topping opinion polls in the run-up to the European Parliament elections on May 25. Wilders says he wants ‘to start the liberation of Europe from the monster of Brussels.’

Wilders’ opinion ratings took a hit, however, at the weekend following his speech at a Freedom Party rally for the municipal elections in The Hague. He asked the crowd three questions: did they want more or less Brussels, did they want more or less Labour Party, and did they want ‘more or less Moroccans in this city and in The Netherlands?’

The crowd chanted ‘Less! Less!’

Following this, Ivo Opstelten, the Minister for Justice whose Liberal party is in coalition with the Labour party, condemned Wilders. He called on him to retract his statement. On Saturday, an angry Wilders said this was an intrusion by the minister into the independence of the Public Prosecutor.

Other politicians have also been trying to pressure the prosecutor to act. The Mayor and Aldermen of Nijmegen, a city so left-wing it has been called ‘Havana on the Waal,’ went together to the police station to make a complaint about Wilders’ speech. Dutch state-owned television broadcast a church service at which the mayor of The Hague spoke against Wilders and his ‘more or less Moroccans’ speech.

Significantly, however, even some members of Wilders’ own party said he had gone too far. According an opinion poll published on Sunday, were elections to the Dutch parliament held now, the number of seats head by the Freedom Party would fall from 27 to 22.

Meanwhile Wilders supporters must wait to see if the Public Prosecutor will act against a rap singer who has released a video showing a mock-up of a man dressed as Wilders about to be executed by two hooded Islamic terrorists.

Such is the level of threats against Wilders that he has lived under armed police protection for the last ten years.