Rainbow Flag to Fly Over Westminster to Mark UK's First Gay Marriages

Rainbow Flag to Fly Over Westminster to Mark UK's First Gay Marriages

The British government has announced that this weekend, the ‘rainbow flag’ will fly over government buildings to mark the first gay marriages in the United Kingdom.

The Same-Sex Marriage Act was passed last year, with the first ceremonies set to take place from this Saturday, the 29th of March.

The flag, typically a symbol for LGBT individuals and activists worldwide, will fly above Britain’s Cabinet Office and the Scotland Office. The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is reported to have personally asked for the flag to be flown “to mark the historic milestone for civil rights”.

Clegg said: “As all the same sex couples make their vows this weekend, they will be making history.

“Finally, after years of campaigning, any couple who wants to get married can get married. Together we’ve made our country a place where we celebrate love equally, gay or straight – and for that reason we should all be raising a glass.

“Raising the rainbow flag on Whitehall is a small symbol to celebrate a massive achievement. I want to wish everyone getting married this weekend the very best of luck, on what is a truly momentous occasion.”

Typically, the Union Flag and Scottish flag fly over the aforementioned buildings, being replaced on national holidays or for symbolic events. A South African flag was recently flown after the passing of Nelson Mandela, whereas in 2012, the Falklands Flag was flown to mark the 30th anniversary of Britain’s victory over Argentina in the 1982 war.

Ben Harris-Quinney, chairman of Britain’s oldest conservative think-tank, the Bow Group, told Breitbart London: “Buildings of national government are there to represent all of the people of Great Britain, not prioritise the rights of one minority over another, or indeed over the majority.

“The flying of the rainbow flag at the Cabinet Office therefore sets a dangerous precedent. If the banners of minority and lobby groups are to be flown from national buildings simply on the basis of favour being paid to the most powerful lobbies of the day, in the spirit of equality surely the Crescent and Star of Islam, or perhaps the UKIP logo should fly atop our government buildings as popular opinion sways to and fro.

“Even in Downing Street it is accepted that the Same Sex Marriage Bill has been a disastor, with the Prime Minister privately apologising and admitting he would have done things differently with the benefit of hindsight.”