EXCLUSIVE: Independent Scotland May Have Appointed Governor As De Facto Head of State

EXCLUSIVE: Independent Scotland May Have Appointed Governor As De Facto Head of State

Breitbart London has obtained a copy of a letter sent by a Member of Parliament, as written to the Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond. The letter asks whether Scotland would be required to accept an appointed Governor if it votes in favour of independence.

The issue has arisen because the Scottish National Party want an independent Scotland to keep the Queen as Head of State, but in countries like Australia, Canada and New Zealand the sovereign appoints Governors to act on her behalf.

In the letter David Morris MP, who is a member of the House of Commons Constitutional Affairs Committee, says he seeks “clarity on an important issue affecting the people of Scotland should they vote for independence” namely whether a Governor would be appointed.

Morris’ letter goes on to say: “The Governor is de facto Head of State and is appointed at the sole discretion of the reigning Monarch. My understanding is that the post is not subject to either Parliamentary or Governmental approval.”

The MP has also asked Salmond to release all documents relating to this issue under UK Freedom of Information act.

Jon Tonge, Professor of Politics at Liverpool University, believes Mr Morris is right to raise the question. He said: “Whilst there is no constitutional requirement to have an appointed Governor, I am sure that an Independent Scotland would be given one because that is what happens in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The purpose of the Governor would be to be the de facto Head of State in the absence of the Queen.

“In Australia, Canada and New Zealand the Governor is picked by the Queen from citizens of the country in question. Whilst she often consults the government of the country, the appointment itself is not subject to the approval of the country’s parliament, nor can anyone but the Queen sack them.”