First the Green Gestapo Came For our Lightbulbs, Then our Iced Drinks and Hot Showers. Now They're After Our Meatballs…

First the Green Gestapo Came For our Lightbulbs, Then our Iced Drinks and Hot Showers. Now They're After Our Meatballs…

A truly emetic announcement from the grim but indispensable Swedish flatpack furniture emporium IKEA: they are considering changing the recipe of their most popular food line – meatballs – in order to help save the world from global warming.

Says the company’s head of sustainability Joanna Yarrow: “We have been working with WWF looking at meatballs and various other food items that we sell and looking at how we can tweak our recipes to give great taste but also perhaps less of an environmental impact. I can assure you that getting that recipe adjusted will have a real cumulative impact.”

“On methane…we are aware of the meat issue with greenhouse gases. We are looking at all our food products from a sustainability perspective but specifically meatballs. They are very popular and they are also our most carbon-intensive food item on our menu.” 

IKEA – the place you go to, reluctantly, because the furniture is so cheap and practical, not because you want to save the planet for Mother Gaia – actually employs a “head of sustainability”? If that’s not a strong dump signal for the stock, I don’t know what is.

What’s worse, though, is that IKEA actually admits to allowing the kind of food it serves in its restaurants to be dictated not by the needs of its customers – who order 150 million plates of meatballs every year – but by activists from a hard-left environmental NGO like the World Wildlife Fund. That’s not capitalism. That’s not customer service. That’s eco fascism.

This is not, of course, the first time that the democratically unaccountable political activists of the WWF have been invited to meddle where they have absolutely business whatsoever. From the Climategate emails, for example, we learn that in July 29, 1999, Adam Markham of the WWF wrote to University of East Anglia climate scientists Mike Hulme and Nicola Sheard, gently suggesting that they skew their scientific findings in accordance with the WWF’s alarmist campaigning narrative.

“I’m sure you will get some comments direct from Mike Rae in WWF Australia, but I wanted to pass on the grist of what they’ve said to me so far. They are worried that this may present a slightly more conservative approach to the risks than they are hearing from Australian scientists. In particular, they would like to see the section on variability and extreme events beefed up if possible.”

As Donna Laframboise has often noted, WWF activism is rife at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) too. For example, the lead author of its recent report on The Ocean was written by Australian marine biologist Ove Hoegh-Guldberg – who for 19 years has been cashing cheques from green activist organisations such as Greenpeace and the WWF. That Hoegh-Guldberg’s approach owes more to green ideology than it does in hard science is pretty clear from this hysterical introduction he recently wrote to a book recently published by WWF Australia called Lights Out For The Reef.

The scientific consensus has concluded that further increases in CO2 and average global temperature are almost certain to destroy the coral communities of the Great Barrier Reef for hundreds if not thousands of years.

These people do not deserve to be taken seriously. They definitely don’t deserve to be allowed anywhere near the IPCC’s reports. And they definitely, definitely ought not ever to be consulted on an issue as important as the kind of meatballs we’re allowed to eat as a respite from the horror of queuing up for a flatpack furniture at IKEA.


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