Liberal Democrat Councillor Resigns After Stealing £1000 from Military Charity

Liberal Democrat Councillor Resigns After Stealing £1000 from Military Charity

A Liberal Democrat councillor has resigned after pleading guilty to stealing £1,000 from the Royal British Legion. Councillor Peter Brock quit his seat on Yeovil Town Council in Somerset, saying he felt “ashamed” and “embarrassed”.

Last month, a court handed him a 12-mont community order to do 150 hours of unpaid work, and ordered him to repay the money he had stolen, plus £85 costs.

Mr Brock had cashed 23 cheques from the Armed Forces charity between August 2011 and July 2012 in order to pay off personal debts.

Despite pleading guilty last month, he has only just announced his intention to resign as a councillor following a campaign by local press, councillors and residents.

According to the Western Gazette, Mr Brock said in a statement to local press: “There have been various calls from people, most urging me to resign my position on Yeovil Town Council, and some urging me to stay because of the good work I have done.

“After giving the matter careful consideration, listening to both sides and getting advice from my solicitor, I have made my decision.

“I will be resigning my position as a West Ward councillor on Yeovil Town Council as from April 28, 2014.”

The Royal British Legion was one of the first military charities formed in the UK. It was founded in the wake of the First World War to provide support for the many wounded servicemen in Britain, and is best known for its annual “poppy appeal” where it raises money in the run up to Remembrance Day by selling paper poppies – symbols of remembrance – for people to wear on their lapels.