World's First Selfie Addict is House of Commons Staffer

World's First Selfie Addict is House of Commons Staffer

A British Teenager who is believed to be the first ‘selfie’ addict is a Conservative House of Commons staffer Breitbart London can reveal. Danny Bowman, 19, caused a media storm last week by admitted that he had sought medical treatment in the past for his addiction to taking photos of himself. 

He is said to have become so obsessed with taking selfies that he dedicated 10 hours a day to the pursuit and ended up trying to kill himself when he failed to get the perfect result.

Bowman dropped out of school and underwent treatment for his technology addiction, OCD and body dysmorphic disorder (excessive anxiety about your personal appearance). Despite his personal problems, and his previous ambition to be a model he has built a new life for himself working in Parliament and campaigning for the Conservatives.

He told Brietbart London that he had become involved in politics because he wanted to “make a difference” and joked that being a Conservative annoyed his dad.

“In the past my problem had a huge impact on my education and other stuff, obviously now I don’t sit in the office and take selfies all day because I have political work to do” he said.

When asked if being around politicians ever left him tempted to return to his old ways he said: “I think politicians have destroyed selfies by getting involved. It’s now just a trend that politicians like Obama and Miliband want to get into. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever take another selfie.”

Bowman now says he will use his experience to help give a voice to people suffering from mental health problems: “There is a big misunderstanding about mental health in politics and I want to help change that.”

He has worked in the House of Commons for a number of MPs and is part the Roadtrip2015 campaign that floods marginal constituencies with young activists.


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