Shamed PR Guru Max Clifford Sentenced to EIGHT Years in Prison

Shamed PR Guru Max Clifford Sentenced to EIGHT Years in Prison

Shamed PR guru Max Clifford has been sentenced to eight years in prison at Southwark Crown Court for a string of indecent assaults. He was found guilty of the offences on Monday, after eight days of deliberations by the jury. 

He was found not guilty of two charges, and the jury failed to reach a verdict on another. In court Clifford was described as a “professional manipulator” who offered women parts in films and access to celebrities in exchange for sex acts. 

He arrived at court today and telling the waiting media, “I stand by everything I’ve said in the past – everything.” Sky News then asked if that included his description of the women as “liars” and “fantasists”. Clifford declined to comment any further.

Earlier today he admitted that this was “not the best day of my life” and he added “I just have to face up to it.”

Clifford was arrested in December 2012 by the Metropolitan Police as part of Operation Yewtree, a widespread investigation into allegations made by people after the death of Sir Jimmy Saville. Saville is now widely accepted to have been one of Britain’s worst ever sex offenders, however he got away with it because he was a DJ and television presenter. 

After his crimes were exposed large number of alleged victims of other celebrities began coming forward.Clifford was charged with eleven indecent assaults dating back from 1966 – 1985 on victims aged from 14 to 19 years old. Clifford had previously described the allegations against him as “completely false”. 

Clifford was responsible for a number of attacks against Conservative politicians. He told the Independent in 1997 that he was “declaring war on the tories” ahead of the general election that year.

He described his moves as a “personal vendetta based on what the Tory Government have done to the NHS,” Mr Clifford said. At the time Labour did not welcome its new supporter, describing him as a “self-publiciist”. They went on to make clear that they “condemn” what he does.

One former cabinet minister who had his career ruined by Max Clifford was David Mellor. Clifford worked with Mellor’s mistress to expose the ministers affair, he also falsely claimed the MP liked to have sex wearing a Chelsea Football Shirt. 

Mellor told Sky News: “I don’t normally bear grudges but I make an exception for Max Clifford. I hope he rots in hell.”

Clifford will serve a minimum of four years for his eight convictions.