New UKIP Poster Shows Party Leaders Gagged by 'Ridiculous' EU Flag

New UKIP Poster Shows Party Leaders Gagged by 'Ridiculous' EU Flag

UKIP’s newest billboard poster depicts Britain’s major political party leaders gagged by European Union flags, with the strap line, “Nigel Farage will Britain its voice back”.

The UKIP leader gave a speech on Friday night to a capacity crowd in Cambridgeshire and said: “This government is run by a bunch of college kids who have never done a proper day’s work in their lives. But apparently we [UKIP] are extremists.

“They say unless we are a member of the EU people will lose their jobs because we will have less trade. The fact people like Cleggers actually believe this shows they have never worked in the real world.

“China sells a huge amount of things in the UK without being a member of the EU. The EU is a declining part of the world. We need to renegotiate our own position on the world stage.

“I think the penny has dropped with the Great British public.”

He added: “I do not just want the UK to leave the EU. I want Europe to leave the EU.

“Let’s get rid of that ridiculous flag and let’s get rid of that president whose name no-one knows. We do not want it and neither does anyone else in Europe.”