Study: Miley Cyrus Could NOT Have 'Come In Like A Wrecking Ball'

Study: Miley Cyrus Could NOT Have 'Come In Like A Wrecking Ball'

A new study by researchers at the publicly funded University of Leicester, UK has proved that singer Miley Cyrus could not have ‘come in like a wrecking ball’ as her 2013 song claimed, without sustaining significant injury.

David McDonagh, of the Centre of Interdisciplinary Science at the university found that Cyrus would not have been able to gather sufficient momentum to have “impacted” on either “love, or the walls of someone’s house”, as the song suggests.

The Telegraph reports that McDonagh’s findings show that Cyrus would need to be travelling at around 316mph to demolish a wall.

The bizarre study was part of a scheme where students were asked to apply scientific principles to pop culture scenarios. Other published papers included evidence suggesting Winnie the Pooh may have vitamin B12 deficiency, the number of lies Pinocchio could tell before the weight of his nose would cause his neck to break, and the viability of throwing giant tortoises into mines.

“Based on these findings, it is clear that a human being cannot possess the characteristics of a wrecking ball without sustaining significant injury, and other objects should be sought as an analogy,” he concluded.

“Any human behaving like a wrecking ball would likely result in serious injury.”