'UKIP: The Musical' to Premiere at Oxford College Next Week

'UKIP: The Musical' to Premiere at Oxford College Next Week

A student at Oxford University has written a musical about the UK Independence Party. “UKIP: The Musical” is due to premiere next week, with student Richard Ng hoping to take it to the Edinburgh Fringe.

The plot follows the story of Gemma Parker, a “normal British worker who finds herself at the centre of an immigration conspiracy. EU-geddon is imminent. Can UKIP save the day?

Poking fun at UKIP’s policies on immigration and social issues, the musical includes stories such as “50 percent of gays are communists” based on a survey of two people, and raises fears that foreigners are “stealing 3,000 years of British sleep every night”, the Times reports.

It ends with a rousing finale to the tune of the Les Miserables song Do You Hear the People Sing? which includes the line: “Thanks to us the EU’s gone. Thanks to us Britain is great. Look how much you can achieve on a message of hate!”

With a hint of irony, the musical’s Facebook page describes it as “impartial and unbiased”, adding that it highlights the “devastating consequences of tolerance and inclusion.”

Ng, a student at Brasenose College, wrote the musical for his college’s Arts Week. The musical’s publicity describes it as “a comedy spectacular”, and adds that all are welcome regardless of “nationality, sexuality, political orientation or sense of humour.”