Italy joins eurosceptic surge

Italy joins eurosceptic surge

Italy’s Five Star Movement, led by the raucous comedian Beppe Grillo who has denounced the EU-supporting social-democratic Prime Minister Renzi as “a little moron,” has joined the surge of eurosceptic parties across the European Union.

According to @electionista, an average of exit polls shows the Five Star Movement with 25.6 per cent, topped only by Renzi’s Democratic Party with 32.87 per cent.

This however may still be a disappointment for Grillo, who hoped the Five State Movement, formed only in 2009, could overtake Renzi’s ruling party.

Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia is at 19.20 per cent, despite the Supreme Court last August upholding a conviction against Berlusconi for tax fraud. Because of his age, the billionaire and former prime minister has escaped prison but must complete a year’s community service working in a home for sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease.

Lega Nord, a smaller eurosceptic party that wants independence for the north of Italy, is taking 5.03 per cent.