Poll Reveals the Main Concerns of UKIP Voters

Poll Reveals the Main Concerns of UKIP Voters

Immigration is the main reason driving people to vote UKIP, according to a new poll. The poll, conducted by ComRes and commissioned by UKIP donor Paul Sykes, says that 74 percent of people who voted for the party in the European Elections did so because they want to UK to take control over its borders.

A desire to leave the EU was the next most popular reason, with 59 percent of respondents saying this attracted them to the party. This number may seem surprisingly low to some, given that leaving the EU is the party’s original raison d’etre.

The poll shows just how attractive the policy of lowering immigration is to many voters, with it being by far the most popular issue for UKIP voters.

After immigration and the EU, 52 percent said they were attracted to the party because it “says what it thinks”, suggesting a disillusionment with the professional political class who are often seen as out-of-touch and insincere.

Another response that will encourage the party (although may also hurt the ego of its leader) is that only 25 percent of respondents said Nigel Farage was one of the main things that attracted them to the party. The party has been seen as a one-man-show, with Farage dominating UKIP in both personality and influence. This poll indicates, however, that the party is in a good position to keep much of its support after Farage has gone.

One surprise result is how low the issue of gay marriage is in attracting people to the party. UKIP was the only major party that opposed redefining marriage to include same-sex couples, something which at the time was seen as driving defections from disaffected Conservatives. In this poll, however, just 13 percent of the party’s supporters said it was an important issue to them.

If the results of this poll are accurate, they suggest that UKIP is likely here to stay as a major political force, with its supporters unlikely to be attracted by other parties.


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