Police Launch Hunt for Dog that Stole UKIP Election Poster

Police Launch Hunt for Dog that Stole UKIP Election Poster

Police in the Cheddar Valley in Somerset are hunting for a black and white dog that may, bizarrely, be an accomplice in the theft of UK Independence Party election material that went missing on the run up to the European Elections last month.

The Cheddar Gazette reports that a number of incidents were reported in the village and its surrounding area in the South West of England, and one CCTV still shows three men and a black dog that look like they were removing a ‘Vote UKIP’ sign.

A clearly very talented local police spokesperson suggested that they wanted to question the dog, though this may simply have been a grammatical slip up.

He said: “We asking for help to identify three people with a black and white dog who we’d like to talk to about the theft of a UKIP election sign from a fence in Charterhouse, near Blagdon.

“It was one of a series of seven similar thefts in the area in the run-up to last month’s European elections.

“This CCTV image was taken on Wednesday May 14 between 4-7.30pm.”

The village of Cheddar gave its name to the popular cheese, and is known for its historic relevance. 

Stealing election material is a crime in the UK, though rather than prison, it is more likely the canine could spend several nights in the dog house as a result of his crimes.