VIDEO: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown’s Awkward anti-White Racism

VIDEO: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown’s Awkward anti-White Racism

Author and political commentator Yasmin Alibhai-Brown caused a Twitter storm today after her over the top reaction to a joke by Conservative MP Michael Fabricant.

But Alibhai-Brown is no stranger to making frightening, or deeply offensive comments herself. In April we reported how she believed that the media had to be “controlled” to stop the UK Independence Party reaching voters. Another video from an appearance on ‘the Wright Stuff’ talk show shines a light on her deeply racist ‘sense of humour’ – that is if we make the kind assumption that she was joking:

She says, during a conversation about jobs in 2008: “Don’t apply. It would be great if you went away. White, middle class men. We’d just walk in, wouldn’t we?”

Challenged by the host of the show Richard Bacon, who asked, “Is that not a racist comment?” she replied, “Of course”.

In 2013, she referred to the Liberal Democrat party as “disgracefully white”.



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