UK Media Mix-Up: Iraq Horror is Taking Backseat to a Celebrity Trial

UK Media Mix-Up: Iraq Horror is Taking Backseat to a Celebrity Trial

Murder and turmoil continues to haunt the Middle East today as the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) continues to butcher its way across Iraq. 

The Islamic State has now taken Qaraqosh, Iraq’s largest Christian town, sending even more Christians fleeing for their lives and denting the Kurdish offensive against the jihadists. 

Meanwhile around 40,000 human beings from the Yazidi sect in Iraq are effectively surrounded on a mountain top by Islamic State. If they stay, they face death by dehydration. If they try and move, they could well be butchered by Islamic State’s merciless, blood-thirsty offensive. It is utterly tragic and shocking.

As an Executive Producer for Sky News has tweeted that Islamic State now claims that jihadists have now seized an additional fifteen towns, the dam in Mosul and a military base. 

But you’d have to be on Twitter to hear much about this, as Sky and the BBC’s coverage today seems to be fixated on the trial of the South African celebrity Oscar Pistorius. Tragic though this case is, it seems morally mixed-up to have such massive, almost 24/7 rolling coverage for a trial at the expense of what is turning into a cruel genocide in the Middle East.

Hopefully this situation changes, and our knowledge of what is going on in Iraq day to day improves as currently, we are seeing and hearing far too little over what is one of the most shocking examples of mass executions in recent decades.


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