UK Immigration and Related Crime Still Soaring

UK Immigration and Related Crime Still Soaring

Figures released yesterday showed this. You may have missed them though – they went widely unreported.

They once again shattered the hollow words from Cameron’s Conservative Party who once vowed to bring net migration down to “tens of thousands per year”, knowing full well that they couldn’t control numbers from twenty-seven other EU nations. David Cameron’s tough-talking pledge now looks as credible as Nick Clegg’s promise on tuition fees.

So here are the facts: the numbers of Romanians and Bulgarians living in Britain is at an all-time high after the government opened the doors on January 1st. In fact the numbers have risen 10 percent to 153,000 since the first quarter of the year, an increase of 13,000 in the space of just three months. 

But these people are all here working, contributing and paying into the pot, right? Well, aside from the many gangs of Romanian beggars that I see Londoners getting hassled by daily now, almost six out of ten Romanians and Bulgarians claim they are self-employed. That opens up an entire range of in-work benefits to them, on top of healthcare, schooling for their kids and other taxpayer-funded services.

Amazingly, some still seem to be playing down these numbers are minor.

So consider this: numbers from A8 nations such as Poland and Lithuania went up by nearly 60,000 in just three months. The total number of people from those EU countries now living in Britain now stands at getting on for 1 million. In fact, there has been a year-on-year increase of 178,000.

Whatever way you try and slice it, Britain faces a mass, uncontrolled immigration crisis. The numbers are totally out of control. Irresponsible pressure is being placed on school places and local services and housing lists. Britain has zero control on who is coming here and for what purpose.

And what do we hear from the likes of the Conservatives and Labour? Tumbleweed. Oh and don’t forget, if you have concerns about this rate of immigration, you probably hate all foreigners. Naturally.

One particular group really is is benefiting massively from all of this.

There is a trend on UK crime documentaries that shows organised criminal gangs having a field day at the expense of law-abiding Brits. 

‘Grand Theft Auto UK’ last night was the latest to show how foreign criminals from places like Romania can waltz into Britain to steal and sell cars regardless of if they have a track record back home. British cops are at sixes and sevens having to deal with the types of people that a points-based immigration system would never allow into our country. 

It was also interesting to see British criminals finding a new open-door market for the fruits of their criminal labour: it would seem that with open doors to Romania and Bulgaria, the stolen car market now has a massive export market. 

Isn’t it about time Britain got a grip and got back control of the borders?


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