Home Secretary Gloats Over Appalling 6 Percent Terror Conviction Rate

Home Secretary Gloats Over Appalling 6 Percent Terror Conviction Rate

British Home Secretary Theresa May has written a piece in the Telegraph defending her record at stopping British born ISIS terrorists. The figure quoted represents less than one percent of the estimated 500 British ISIS fighters currently in Syria or Iraq. She writes: 

“This year alone, 69 people have been arrested for offences relating to terrorism in Syria; so far, 12 have been charged and four have been successfully prosecuted.”

This means that the conviction rate for those arrested is less than 6 percent. 

In her comments the Home Secretary also explained that using the Royal Prerogative, she has confiscated the passports of a number of extremists. Those who have lost the passports are believed to have been heading to help ISIS, however they number just 23. 

This compares to 1,400 British football fans who were stripped of their passports to stop them causing trouble in Brazil during the World Cup, raising questions about how the Home Office could come up with such a large list of football hooligans and such a small one of jihadi terrorists.

The news comes as 13 FBI Counter-Terrorism officers prepare to come to Britain amidst concerns that the British authorities are not up to the task of stopping ISIS. Their arrival is said to be linked to the killing of James Foley by a man with an East London accent, raising the possibility that British fighters hold very senior roles within ISIS. 

Mrs May has also banned 150 hate preachers from the UK, but the battle to stop the radicalisation of young British Muslims has now turned to social media. The Home Secretary says her team have removed 28,000 pieces of material from various platforms.

Despite her claims of success ISIS is still attracting significant support in Britain and the SAS are now poised to bring some British terrorists home