Boris: More Oxbridge than Uxbridge – It's Time for UKIP

Boris: More Oxbridge than Uxbridge – It's Time for UKIP

It’s up to the hardworking residents of Uxbridge and South Ruislip to choose whether they want to be represented by a member of the working class or put yet another Bullingdon boy into Parliament. Boris is perfectly suited to Oxbridge but definitely not to Uxbridge.

Having spent the last eight years working in hospitality I have a grounding in life whereas Boris has spent more time as Mayor jetting round the world compared to visiting the area he now feels he can represent in Parliament.

I am the ONLY choice as local candidate, in a campaign where the people need someone to stand up for their interests. The others treat the people of Uxbridge and South Ruislip with contempt by holding political office elsewhere in the country while campaigning to become a member of parliament here.

With Boris’ track record of appointing deputies to take on his workload as Mayor of London the question that the constituencies deserve to know is, will Boris need 7 (or possibly more) tax payer funded Deputy MPs to assist him if elected? We already know for the first year his plan is to ignore Uxbridge and keep up the circus at City Hall. After that he wants to spend 4 years knocking on the door at Downing Street until someone lets him in. Residents of this area need to decide if they want a show pony or a local champion as an MP.

Without a Hillingdon resident standing up to support the community we will continue suffering while politicians play games with Heathrow. Boris has already announced he wants to close it and build housing, most likely to cope with the problems his amnesty for illegal immigrants will cause. He is still yet to come up with any credible idea how he would solve the widespread unemployment by closing the borough’s biggest job creator.

UKIP are the only political party to have a policy on Heathrow, while the others hide behind the Davies Commission. They will use that as an excuse to start progress on four runways at Heathrow after the election. UKIP are the only party that nationally and locally supports a two runway airport, meaning no closures which would result in a huge loss of jobs and no third or fourth runway meaning increased blight in the local community. We back having several airports across the UK rather than a single major hub. 

He is just another politician despite the comedy persona, and his ability to laugh at himself should not be an excuse for lying through his teeth. He is just like the rest of the political class that leak hot air. ​

Jack Duffin is the UKIP candidate for Uxbridge and South Ruislip