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Suspected Foley Killer 'Wanted to Blow Up Major U.S. Music Festival'

Suspected Foley Killer 'Wanted to Blow Up Major U.S. Music Festival'

A British-born jihadist suspected of killing American journalist James Foley had previously sparked fears of a terror attack when he tried to perform at a major American music festival.

Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary reportedly caused concern among music bosses when he became angry after being turned down from travelling to America over his links to extremism.

According to the Sun, Jeff Crawford and Jennifer Harris-Crawford signed up Bary and tried to get him onto the bill the Coachella festival, but they changed their minds after fearing he was trying to get into America to launch a terrorist attack.

Bary, who many believe to be the so-called ‘Jihadi John’ figure who committed the gruesome murder of James Foley, was a rapper from a wealthy distrcit of London before he fled to fight in Syria.

Jennifer told the Sun: “He just wanted us to help him get to America. That was all he talked about. He said: ‘I’ve just got to get to The States and then I know what I am doing.’

“I was worried about a terror attack at a concert where a bunch of young people were killed. He could be performing and also arranging bombs there. I had this vision of something horrible happening.

“That’s when I washed my hands of him. I wrote saying the contract was null and void and he got angry.”

The couple became suspicious after Bary wrote on his resumé that his father, Adel Abdel Bary, was being held in the US on terror charges. He wrote: “Couple months ago Father was extradited to the U.S facing 256 life sentences (Political Issues).”

Bary Snr was extradited in connection with the bombing of two embassies. He is rumoured to have been one of Osama bin Laden’s key assistants in the 1990s.

Bary Jr then started opening up to Jeff and Jennifer, sending them a rap in which he spoke of taking the “heads off” rivals.

After he was named as one of the main suspects in the killing of James Foley, Jennifer that her worst fears had been realised.

“I couldn’t speak. It was so frightening. What if we had got him here? It was so close.”

Jeff says that he now fears the rejection could have pushed Bary over the edge, sending him into the arms of ISIS.

“We rejected him and the major labels rejected him. He sent me a message saying he was going to come after me. The next thing I heard he was in Syria with rebels,” he said.


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