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Not a Conservative, Now Not a Unionist - Cameron Has Broken All The Rules and His Party May Bite Back

Not a Conservative, Now Not a Unionist - Cameron Has Broken All The Rules and His Party May Bite Back

EDINBURGH, Scotland, United Kingdom – Better Together, the (‘No Thanks’) campaign against Scottish independence, is ramping up its efforts to win the referendum after a lacklustre campaign. A YouGov poll from this weekend – showing the yes campaign pulling ahead – rocked the establishment in both Westminster and Holyrood.

Last night the No campaign screened a video across every channel in the country featuring former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The emotional film entitled “A Proud Nation” shows Scotland’s contribution to UK national security, social security and extols the virtues of keeping the pound.

The new video comes as Prime Minister’s Question Time at the House of Commons has been cancelled to enable both David Cameron and Ed Miliband to campaign in Scotland. They will be joined by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg whilst UKIP’s Nigel Farage is also planning a separate visit. 

Downing Street raised the Scottish flag, the Saltire, as an act of solidarity with the No campaign. It is planned to remain there until the result is announced in 9 days time. 

But the complacency of the No campaign has made the views of Scottish capital city appear very one sided as it is awash with Yes literature, badges and posters. There are almost no examples of anyone sporting badges from the No campaign.

Local residents yesterday told Breitbart London the No campaign has been outclassed by the Scottish Nationalists. Although they are ahead in most polls the No campaign may have wheeled out the big guns too late.

One small businessman, who is voting no, said: “The no campaign has been totally disorganised, it’s really a shamble, and the yes side have been superb. But I still think we will vote No, once you get talking to people there are far more No voters than you might think”.

Whilst Gordon Brown remains an object of ridicule in most of the UK, he remains a popular figure in Scotland. The video from last night also featured both Donald Dewar and John Smith, deceased Labour politicians who are often cited as being the fathers of the Scottish Parliament.

Despite the focus on Labour politicians, the stakes are highest for Prime Minister David Cameron. The Daily Telegraph reported that a number of right-wingers at the 1922 committee of back bench Conservative MPs may mount a leadership challenge against him if Scotland votes yes. 

One was reported to have said of Cameron: “He is in a right hole. I think that he is in serious trouble. One of the reasons why I became a Conservative was a because of the union. We were the Conservative and Unionist Party.”

Shortly after the 1982 invasion of the Falkland Islands Margaret Thatcher said she would invade the Falkland Islands or resign as “British Prime Ministers do not lose territory”. It appears many party members hold a similar view and would remove their leader as a matter of course if Scotland is lost.

The video from the Better Together campaign is below:


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