'Possible Murder' Linked to Child Abuse Inquiry

'Possible Murder' Linked to Child Abuse Inquiry

Scotland yard has launched a new investigation into child sex abuse after revealing information about a powerful group of paedophiles who may hay abused and murdered children in the 1970s and 80s.

Officers running Operation Fairbank are now working with homicide officers in the new Operation Midland to investigate what a spokesman called “serious non-recent sexual abuse” which had been uncovered in the course of investigations. Scotland yard believes this is the first time police have become aware of this information.

Speaking to the BBC on the condition on anonymity, one man who claims to have been abused by a paedophile ring while he was a child and teenager repeated the “serious allegations” which he had already reported to the police and are presently being taken “seriously” by the police. The claims, which are at this stage uncorroborated were largely “unbroadcastable” according to the national broadcaster, because they were so “strong” and graphic. 

The man said he had been “passed” by his father to the ring of “very powerful people”, which included senior military, police and political figures of the day who sent their drivers to pick him up and deliver him to hotels for “parties”. He claims this was done quite openly, and those involved had no fear of being caught or noticed “they could do anything they wanted without question”. 

He said there were between 15 and 20 other children involved, and the abuse “created fear that penetrated every part of me”. Some of the members were sadistic towards the children brought to the parties, he said: “I’ve never experienced pain like it… but some of it was deliberate. They set rules that were impossible to follow, so you couldn’t help but break the rules on occasions. And you were punished for that, which some of them enjoyed”.

A police spokesman said: “At this early stage in this inquiry, with much work still to do, it is not appropriate to issue appeals or reveal more information”.