Pat Condell: ‘We Can’t Afford Anymore Tolerance’

Former stand-up comedian and current YouTuber Pat Condell declared “we can’t afford anymore tolerance” in a video posted in September of 2012 in reaction ongoing riots over the film “Innocence of Muslims.”

Condell, an atheist who declares “I don’t respect your beliefs and I don’t care if you’re offended” on his website, argued “we in the civilized world are being urged to censor ourselves out of respect for a religion that violates the human rights of half the people on the planet and that doubles as a political ideology indistinguishable from Nazism.”

“We’re supposed to show tolerance and respect for a religion that doesn’t the meaning of either word and goes out of its way to prove it every day. We’re supposed to amend our values to accommodate a religion that accommodates nothing and nobody…with Islam, it’s always a one-way street. We’ve learned that lesson, the hard way, we can’t afford anymore tolerance and respect, we’ve been sucked dry” he stated.

He continued, “it’s [Islam] a religion permanently on the take. Gimme, gimme, gimme is all we ever hear. ‘Give me respect, even though I haven’t earned it. Give me special treatment or I’ll be offended and you’ll be a racist.'”

He also called out protesters who showed offense over “Innocence of Muslims” but were silent over “things that are genuinely offensive like the thousands of women and girls who are murdered, and mutilated, and raped ever year in their countries.”

Condell is not the only atheist to express a similar line of thought. HBO host Bill Maher has argued that “cultures are different. It’s OK to judge that rule of law isn’t just different than theocracy, it’s better.  If you don’t see that, you’re either a religious fanatic or a masochist, but one thing you are certainly not is a liberal,” and “it amazes me how here in America we go nuts over the tiniest violations of these [liberal, Western] values while gross atrocities are ignored across the world.” On Friday’s show, Maher declared “stop respecting their [Islamic radicalism’s] medieval bullshit under the guise of ‘it’s their culture…cultural relativism is nonsense. It’s the 21st century, you won’t shake hands with a woman? You’re the ones who should be embarrassed, and if that’s judgmental, good, I’m judging, yes. I’m judging that that’s f*cked up and that you’re the bigots, I’m not the bigot, you’re the bigot.”

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