Jihadi John: Relatives of Victims Call for Knifeman to Face Justice

AP Photo
AP Photo

The widow of one of the British hostages killed by Mohammed Emwazi has said she wants him to be captured alive so he can face justice. The Islamic State terrorist was yesterday named as ‘executioner’ Jihadi John, who has beheaded various hostages on propaganda videos.

He is a computer programmer, born in Kuwait, who grew up in a comfortable London suburb before travelling to Syria in 2012 and joining Islamic State.

Dragana Haines, widow of aid worker David Haines who was murdered by Emwazi, has now said the “last thing” she wants is for him to have an “honourable death”. She told the BBC: “I hope he will be caught alive.

“That’s the only moral satisfaction for the families of all the people that he murdered, because if he gets killed in the action, to put it that way, it will be an honourable death for him and that is the last thing I would actually want for someone like him.

“I think he needs to be put to justice, but not in that way.”

Mr Haines’s daughter Bethany had earlier said, however, that the family would not rest until there was a “bullet between his eyes.”

She told ITV News that she does not blame security services for letting him go: “If they’d known his name earlier they could’ve stopped him going,” she said. “But they can’t and once he’s captured I think there will be a lot of happy faces.”

The call to bring Emwazi to justice was echoed by the family of Steven Sotloff, an American journalist also killed by the knifeman. A spokesman for the family said: “We want to sit in a courtroom, watch him sentenced and see him sent to a super-max prison.”

The brother of Alan Henning, another British aid worker murdered by Jihadi John, also called for him to face justice, and criticised ‘human rights’ group CAGE, who said Emwazi was “beautiful” and “wouldn’t hurt a fly”.

Reg Henning said: “If he’s a “beautiful, kind man”, why is he killing innocent civilians?

“He’s a monster. Everyone should be doing everything they can to capture him and bring him to justice – not stick up for him like he’s been hard done by.”


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