It’s A Walkover: Poll Suggests SNP Will Snatch All 59 Scottish Seats


An IPSOS Mori poll for STV has suggested the Scottish National Party could win every single seat in the country next month. Nicola Sturgeon’s party has been riding high ever since it lost the independence referendum.

When Scotland rejected independence it was only by a 10 per cent majority and many of those on the losing side later joined the SNP. Only last month the party passed the 100k member milestone. This makes them much bigger than the Liberal Democrats and the Greens.

Despite only having won six Westminster seats in 2010, the party is now riding high on 54 per cent of the vote. It is now likely they would win every seat, including those previously considered ultra-safe. Party managers have long admitted they would be delighted with 30 seats.

But the SNP surge is having wider implications in the rest of the UK. Canvassing teams implementing the Tories 40/40 strategy, claimed that “potential Conservatives”, “undecided” and even some UKIP supporters were now voting for Cameron to keep the SNP out.

UKIP does not appear unhappy about this arrangement because it means they benefit from tactical voting in the seats they look likely to win. Thus fear of the SNP is thought to be consolidating both of the parties.

One source at the SNP told Breitbart London: “We’re not convinced we’ll get every seat in Scotland, but if we did we’d be over the moon. In reality getting anywhere above 25 would be a huge game changer in Scotland.”


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