Migrant Brawl at Calais Leaves 24 Injured

REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol
REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol

Several people were injured in the early hours of Monday morning after a brawl broke out between Eritreans and Sudanese migrants at the Calais migrant camp. The fight resulted in 24 injuries, 14 of which required hospital treatment.

The Local reports that the fight began after a tent was torched and quickly escalated as migrants battled with iron bars.

Over 2,000 migrants, mostly of Syrian, Sudanese and Eritrean origin, live in the camp, nicknamed “the jungle”. They are desperately trying to cross the Channel to Britain, having travelled up through Europe from the Mediterranean coast.

From the camp, migrants often try to smuggle themselves on board one the thousands of trucks that cross the Channel by ferry each day.

This morning’s battle is the latest in a string of violent incidents at the camp. Last week, one migrant suffered a gunshot wound, apparently after fight between smugglers.

It has also been reported that migrants at another camp in Paris, often used as a stop-off point on the route to Calais, have been forced to move on by police due to fears they were spreading a scabies epidemic.

Police began moving them out on Thursday after saying there was an “imminent danger” of them falling sick. Although it is not known where police moved them to, most will likely begin the journey to Calais in the hope of eventually reaching Britain.

Breitbart London previously reported how none of the migrants at the Calais camp want to stay in France. Many have been sold a story of an easy crossing into the UK and do not expect to end up living in camps. Some times even immigration workers from other EU countries perpetuate this myth in order to pass on the burden to other countries.

Last week we reported that lorry drivers are now “frightened for their lives” by the migrants.


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