WATCH: French Police Crackdown on Migrant Camps, Opposed by Communist Students

Migrants living in a makeshift camp in Paris were driven out by police on Monday after hard-left activists formed a human chain around them.

Police used tear gas to move the activists before putting the undocumented migrants onto a bus bound for an unknown destination. One police source told AFP 84 migrants were moved from the scene while several activists were arrested.

The French Communist Party had a large presence, with national secretary Pierre Laurent saying he was “revolted” by the decision to “send security forces against the refugees”.

Last week, Breitbart London reported that police were evicting migrants from another camp in Paris over fears they were spreading the infectious disease scabies. Police began moving them after saying they was an “imminent danger” of them falling ill due to the squalid conditions.

Migrants themselves described the camp at La Chapelle as a “slum”, with one telling France 24: “People brush their teeth next to people who are urinating. To get changed, I have to lock myself in the toilets, but it’s very dirty.”

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