Illegals Entering Germany in Past Seven Months Already Higher Than Whole of 2014

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German police have seized 63,000 illegals so far this year and believe at least a further 45,000 have slipped the net completely, as mass migration and people smuggling gangs take their toll.

Most of the refugees and illegals now arriving in Germany are from war zones like Syria, Eritrea, and Afghanistan, the situation being exacerbated by Europe’s practically open border to the south and the proliferation of people smuggling gangs. A remarkable 1,500 people smugglers have been arrested in 2015 alone, making this almost certainly the worst year for migration in the history of unified Germany, reports

The numbers of known illegals are dwarfed by the volume of refugees who have gone through the legitimate channels to enter the country, which presently stands at approximately 179,000 this year. Even these numbers are a drop in the ocean compared to migration to Europe: a recent European Commission report showed EU nations gave away a remarkable one million new citizenships to foreigners from outside of the union in 2013, giving each of them the right to travel and work anywhere in the EU.

Breitbart London reported yesterday on the comments of the German police union, which complained this weekend that a lack of manpower and obsolete equipment left them completely swamped by the volume of refugees and migrants, meaning great numbers were left uncatalogued and therefore invisible to the state. A lack of joined-up thinking in the immigration system further compounded the problem, as after German police had recorded arrivals they directed them to then proceed to a Federal Department for Migration and Refugees office – but there were no checks that they actually did so.

The volume of people arriving is not only exhausting the police’s ability to record them, but also the government’s ability to welcome them. Germany is now suffering a national shortage of tents, as thousands have been used for asylum accommodation, while thousands of shipping containers are hastily converted into small houses. Others are more lucky, receiving housing in converted hotels, commandeered old-people’s homes, and former town houses.

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