Times Journo: Identify Jewish, Gay Paedophiles with Stars and Triangles, Apologises for ‘Misunderstanding’

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A Times of London journalist has apologised today after issuing a tweet that seemed to call for alleged Jewish, Gay paedophiles to be identified with “triangles” and “stars” in the continuing police investigation into political establishment and celebrity paedophilia.

Dominic Kennedy, Investigations Editor for the paper, posted the tweet at 4:45pm on Wednesday, but withdrew the message just moments later as outrage over his statements grew.

People perceived the statement, “So many of the VIPs accused of being paedophiles are Jewish or gay.Maybe we could have a system to identify these people: triangles, stars..” as a call to label those identified as potential child abusers – with a nod towards the Nazi Germany tradition of forcing yellow stars onto Jewish people.

But Kennedy, who wrote of his own homosexuality in defence, has said that he meant precisely the opposite.image1 copy

His contention, in a string of follow up tweets, is that minorities such as Jews and homosexuals are being intentionally targeted by the paedophilia investigations.

“To my horror I have discovered that some Jewish people have interpreted this tweet as critical of Jewish people,” he wrote.

“The opposite is the intention,” he tweeted, adding, “I do not think it is a coincidence that some of the people being accused posthumously of wrongdoing are from minorities.”

While Kennedy didn’t go so far as to say who might be behind his presumed, posthumous discrimination, he did say: “Minorities have been persecuted down the ages, scapegoated and subjected to witchhunts… There are prominent people who are dead and Jewish or dead and homosexual who are now being pilloried gleefully by a mob.”

“I am a gay man and hate to see any witch hunt or persecution of vulnerable minorities and individuals alive or dead, who cannot answer back,” he claimed.

But his new comments raises the questions as to whether the Times‘ Investigations Editor believes there is a conspiracy to target minorities in the paedophilia scandal?

Jimmy Savile, potentially the highest profile celebrity to be implicated in the scandal, was a Roman Catholic. Former Prime Minister Ted Heath, who was born in Broadstairs, and is the latest political figure who is facing accusations, was raised an Anglican. Both men are deceased.

Kennedy spoke to Breitbart London and said: “I am not suggesting that police investigations into allegations are anti-semitic or homophobic or Nazi. I am troubled that some of the VIPs against whom allegations have been prominently made and repeated with a zealous enthusiasm have been Jewish.

“As for gays, some men who lived their lives in a climate of persecution are now pilloried in death or old age. Only the hateful names they are being called have changed. The police must pursue evidence where it is to be found.
“That does not excuse the circus of people falling over themselves to throw stones at people who have never been charged with an offence, and in some cases never could be since they have already passed away.
“There have been whispering campaigns and rumours against prominent Jewish people and gay people for all of my life. Now it is done on the Internet. The ancient scapegoating of vulnerable minorities is as deep-rooted as ever. It is a distressing spectacle. I cannot imagine what their families are going through.”


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