Claim: Labour Deputy Leader ‘on a Mission From Allah to Islamise’

Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images

The Pakistani heritage deputy leader of the Norwegian Labour Party (Arbeiderpartiet, AP) is on a Mission from Allah to Islamise the nation, so claims a Progress Party organiser.

The small-state, anti-immigration Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet, FrP), became embroiled in the row with AP after one of its local councillors made a Facebook post last week. Acting as the administrator of the party pensioner group, he wrote that Norwegian-born, Pakistan heritage Labour deputey leader Hadia Tajik, was on a mission from Allah.

He wrote: “She has a mission from Allah to islamise Norway… All those who come here have the same mission, big or small, with or without weapons.”

A spokesman for FrP has already made an apology to Labour and Tajik, saying they were comments did not represent the party or its members. FrP, which presently co-rules Norway in a coalition with the Conservative party may come to regret the speedy abandonment of its councillor, who has been removed from the pensioners section of the party, reports

Hardening Anti-Muslim and immigrant sentiments in the country continue to influence politics and public perceptions. Breitbart London reported on the findings of a Norwegian Directorate of Diversity poll which found six in ten Norwegians would object to their children marrying a Muslim. The figure was higher when only ethnic Norwegians were counted, yet just 15-per-cent of Iraqi Norwegians objected.

This is not the first time Norway’s Labour party has come under attack for its perceived pushing of the multicultural, pro-immigration agenda in recent years. In 2011, a government building occupied by Labour party members and an Island hosting the annual Labour youth conference was attacked by ethno-nationalist Anders Behring Breivik.

Labour party members have used the attack by the lone-wolf killer as a means to put down AP in the past, as supporters claim AP represents the same sort of politics which pushed Breivik to kill. He had been a member of the party, but reigned after losing faith in the political process and developing hard-line anti-Muslim views.

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