Left Wing Extremists Traveling En Masse To Calais To ‘Support’ Illegals Attempting To Cross Channel


Up to 700 hard-left activists are planning to travel en masse to Calais from London to deliver “support” to illegal migrants camped near the Channel Tunnel. The development follows reports last week that French Police are “convinced” that British anarchist groups are working in the camps to “manipulate migrants” and coordinate attacks, demonstrations and crossings.

Yesterday, once more, hundreds of migrants stormed lorries waiting to board ferries as French Police temporarily stood down their guard. And on Saturday, masked British activists accompanied over 200 migrants on a march from the ‘Jungle’ camp to the tunnel entrance, to demand open borders, The Times reports.

Weyman Bennett, 50, a far-left activist from Tottenham addressed the march. He has held senior positions in the Socialist Workers Party and is an organiser for Unite Against Fascism. He said:

“You are welcome to England and we are there to fight for your rights,” and went on to tell the crowd that many more British activists would be arriving in the coming weeks to support the migrants’ attempts to illegally enter the UK.

“We wanted to show solidarity to these people. Many more of us will be coming over in the next few weeks… We should demand that David Cameron does the same as other European countries and accepts many more refugees.”

For an event planned for the 29th of this month – promoted on social media by Unite Against Fascism and Stand Up To Racism – up to 700 hundred activists plan to cycle to Calais from London to donate bikes to illegal migrants. Bikes are used by Migrants to make their daily two-mile journey from the camp to the tunnel.

“…Please join us this August bank holiday weekend on our little trip cycling across the channel: Critical Mass to Calais, taking bikes beyond borders!” reads the Facebook group.

Timothy Woolrich, 48, from Rotherhithe London, repairs bikes for migrants and is currently the only permanent British resident of the camp. He regularly has young activists stay with him there; last weekend, two activists were among those who tore down some of the new fencing protecting the entrance to the tunnels.

Despite their concerns about hard-left and anarchists activists, French authorities currently appear to be focusing on people smugglers who are thought to control a large migrant camp in Dunkirk. Many of them are strongly suspected to British, and cars with British number plates are regularly spotted there, and have been seised by police.

Last week, a South London gangster, thought to be in charge of the camp, threaten to rape and kill a visiting journalist, who has spoken to Breitbart London. The people smugglers charge up to £1,500 per person smuggled into Britain.


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