Confirmed: IKEA Murder Was Immigrant Violence

Police cars are parked outside IKEA store in the city of Vaesteraas, about 100 km west of Stockholm on August 10, 2015. Two people were stabbed to death at the Ikea store in Vasteras and a third person was wounded, police said. AFP PHOTO/JONATHAN NACKSTRAND (Photo credit should read JONATHAN …

Swedish media is reporting the two men arrested after a double murder in the countries largest IKEA store yesterday are Eritrean immigrants.

Police have rushed to protect asylum accommodation after concerns “dark forces in society” could react to the news that the suspected murderers are not just foreigners, but are newly arrived, having been in the country for less than a month before turning to murder. The Swedish Free Times reports the two suspects, one of which is in intensive care after being stabbed himself shared a room at the same asylum shelter in Arboga, 35 miles away from the store where the murders took place.

Although the victims have not been formally identified by police, it has been reported by AftonBladet that the two were a mother and son from northern , aged 55 and 28. Police are refusing to be drawn on a motive, remarking “We know nothing about the motive yet, the investigation will have to determine that”, yet the security services have felt it necessary to deny the attack had anything to do with terrorism.

The police chief of the locality said there were “no political overtones” and the victims were unknown to the suspected killers.

When the pair grabbed IKEA brand knives off the shelves of the kitchen department and set upon the victims, witnesses to the crime knew exactly what was happening. Apparently conditioned to random and brutal violence in modern Sweden, bystanders were not frozen in fear by the attack but immediately fled, shouting “stabbing spree! stabbing spree!”, according to reports.

Breitbart London has reported at length on Sweden’s emerging immigrant violence problem, where murder and anti-Christian hate crimes are up. Remarkably, even immigrants now complain that it was just as bad in Southern Sweden now as it was back home in Syria. The stabbing yesterday took place only hours after yet another grenade attack although thankfully, there were no fatalities caused by the explosion near a busy bus station.

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