‘Christianophobic’ Hate Crimes Treble in Five Years in Multicultural Paradise Sweden


Religious, racist, and xenophobic “hate crimes” are at their highest ever level in Sweden, with “Christianophobic” crimes seeing the fastest growth.

A new report by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention has found 2014 was a vintage year for hatred in Sweden, experiencing the highest level of hate crimes in recorded history. Analysing year-on-year crime trends, the council reports that all kinds of hate crimes have become more common except for homophobia, which has actually fallen slightly over the past five years.

Spokesman Sara Westerberg said of the growth: “It’s the biggest increase so far, ever since we started keeping statistics on hate crimes”, reports TheLocal.se.

While acknowledging that the majority of so-called ‘hate crimes’ go unreported, the council reports 69 per cent of the 6,270 crimes in 2014 have “xenophobic or racist motives”. While a comparatively small proportion – around eight per cent – are what the report identifies as “Christianophobic”, it is the fastest growing kind of hate in Sweden, having increased by 75 per cent in one year and over 300 per cent in the past five.

Anti-Muslim crimes are also on the up, increasing by 50 per cent in 2014.

Although no explanation is offered by the Swedish government for the meteoric rise of anti-Christian sentiment, it may have something to do with the remarkable failure of multiculturalism in the Nordic state. Violence in high-immigration cities like Malmö, where rapeknife, gun, grenade, and arson attacks are now an accepted fact of life suggests the great Swedish integration experiment is falling apart, and extremely violently.

There is some evidence that Swedes are now starting to react to the developing situation in their country and are increasingly calling for change at the ballot box. Although the left-wing Social Democrat party remains in office, in the 2014 election the right-wing, anti-immigration Sweden Democrats enjoyed the strongest swing. Going from sixth to third party in the nation, the Sweden Democrats achieved a significantly higher result than predicted by the pre-election polls.

They are now laying the groundwork for the 2018 general election. As reported by Breitbart London this week, the party has even taken out English-language adverts in public transport hubs apologising to tourists for migrant forced begging gangs. Inviting tourists to come back after the 2018 elections, in which they hope to make another significant breakthrough, the posters read:

“Sorry about the mess here in Sweden. We have a serious problem with forced begging! International gangs profit from people’s desperation. Our goverment [sic] won’t do what’s needed. But we will! We are the Sweden Democrats!”.

Although the posters only went up last week, they have already all been vandalised and torn down. An estimated 1,000 left-wing, pro-begging protesters met in central Stockholm to demonstrate against the Sweden Democrats this week, and took it upon themselves to remove the messages. Although the party has paid to have the posters shown, the city transport authority has announced they will not be put back up, citing “security reasons”.

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