Sweden: Two Fatal Stabbings and a Grenade Attack in 14 Hours

People push a shopping cart in front of a warehouse of the Swedish furniture maker IKEA in Wallau near Wiesbaden
Reuters/Alex Grimm

Peaceful, multi-cultural Sweden has been rocked by yet another grenade attack in Malmö, as well as a double murder in an IKEA store just outside Stockholm.

Police were called to the Västerås branch of the Swedish furniture mega-business around lunch-time today after three people were stabbed, apparently without motive. Speaking to local media, store manager Mattias Johansson said the victims had just seemed like “ordinary visitors”.

Two of the victims died after the attack and the third is “seriously” injured. One man has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Only hours earlier, violence flared again in southern Malmö, Sweden’s troubled gateway to Europe. Home to the Øresund bridge and consequently the first city most of Sweden’s immigrants arrive at, the city is stalked by extreme violence and the local police are on the verge of declaring defeat. Yet another grenade, presumably like the others following the human trafficking route through Europe to be smuggled into the nation over the bridge, exploded last night around eleven o’clock.

Remarkably there were no injuries – TheLocal.se reports it went off near one of the cities largest bus stations and on a usually busy street – but a building was damaged and 30 windows broken.

This latest attack is just one of dozens of grenades exploded in the city this year, which Sweden army bomb disposal troops redeployed to the city from their old postings in the Middle East as being little different from their last. One soldier said “It is strange to be doing almost the same in Malmo that I was doing in Iraq”.

Immigrants have also admitted much the same – remarking that the country had become so violent that it was as bad as Syria, where they had come from.

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